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About Rozen Maiden

→20100127 (Last Update:20100330)



Suigintou is the first of the Rozen Maiden collection. Her desire to win the Alice Game is the strongest of all the dolls, and is primarily driven by her wish to gain the attention of their "Father", the fantastic dollmaker Rozen. (more)

→20100329 (Last Update:00000000)



Suiseiseki is described by Shinku as the most timid, as shown by her first impression. Besides being shy and nervous, she was very distrustful of humans. She's also shown to be mischievous and taunting to Jun and Hinaichigo. (more)


Custom models(skins)/textures/voices will not work on pure servers.

Due to the size of the heads in proportion to the bodies, the head hitboxes can be a bit decieving. When attempting a headshot, aim for the face area; the vibrant hair color should provide a good frame for your target.

Our skins do not contain hwm models. For your convenience, if you happen to join a pure server(after leaving an non-pure one) and see custom models being invisible,

type this in the console "mp_usehwmmodels 1" and it will reload the official models into game. Simply type "mp_usehwmmodels 0" when you join a non-pure server.

Contact us if you have any problem browsing our web pages or if you want to have a custom player model for the game. We are always open for any kind of modelling-related jobs.



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